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Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic and the impossibility of many of our members to attend meetings we have put together local AA meetings that can be accessed entirely through the internet by computer or with a mobile phone. This is done as a service to the community and not as a replacement for our local Intergroup, which is also listing online meetings here.
These meetings are for the local Austin community, so that we can keep going to meetings with the same people we have been going to meetings with for years: its our home groups, our community, our hometown recovery.

If you do not find your Online Austin Area AA meeting listed here, please send complete info to
Please include group meeting time and day, type (Open, Closed, Womens, etc), group name, zoom ID, zoom one-click URL (if you have it) and password. You do not need to provide a contact email for the online meeting, but if you have one people have a place to ask questions about your online group. Responses are typically handled within 48 hours.

A quick and dirty set of slides to help get you moving in the right direction, focused on Anonymity and process.
This was compiled from other sources including New York Intergroup, and local members.

You wont be able to implement all of these but its a good read.


IMPORTANT: Turn your phone to Landscape Mode to scroll the results. This is a bug with the new search functionality and we are working on it. ALL TIMES ARE CST/CDT GMT -5

Note all meetings are "Open" unless specifically marked Closed (Alcoholics Only). Mens or Womens are for Men only or Women only and are also Open unless specifically marked Closed (Alcoholics Only)

Thank you to the Awesome Table service for providing the above table for our data presentation!

Note that Austin AA Online is simply an information website and not affiliated with the AA organization, Zoom or Awesome Tables and therefore not subject to tradition six.

Joining via Computer:
If you use the One Click URL, Zoom will be downloaded for you. On MacOS this may not actually install it but instead run in from your downloads folder. Move the app to your applications folder for the OS to prompt you to allow the necessary security settings so that your camera and microphone are enabled.

Download the Zoom Client at

Joining via Mobile:
Download the Zoom Client from the IOS App Store or from Google Play.
Use the above Meeting IDs and Password to connect

You simply need the app on your phone or computer and a desire to stop drinking.

Joining via Phone (No Video)
+1 669 900 9128
+1 669 900 6833
+1 646 558 8656
+1 346 248 7799
+1 312 626 6799

When prompted, enter the meeting id followed by the # sign.

Meeting Suggestions

  • Groups are Autonomous and make their own rules, these are just suggestions

  • Some Groups are extensions of an existing registered group, some may be unaffiliated and online only.

  • Generally speaking, Participants should stay on mute when they are not speaking.

  • As a suggestion, Participants should use the Raise Hand button (where available) to share

  • Recording meetings may be an Anonymity violation, please consider this when setting up your meeting.

  • The Austin AA Online website serves only as an aggregator and source of information. We are not affiliate with AA, AAWS or Austin Intergroup. The site is run and managed as a service by the members of

  • Austin AA Online is simply an information website and not affiliated with the AA organization, Zoom or Awesome Tables and therefore not subject to tradition six

Austin AA Online is provided as a service by members of the South Austin AA Online group.

Meeting Flyers

Online Y4R ad.pdf
Any Lengths Zoom Flyer.pdf
Knuckleheads Zoom Flyer.pdf
Ppg meeting.pdf